94.3 MY FM

94.3 MY FM

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A visit to the 94.3 MY FM station with Radiant Institute of Management and Science of BBA (ILP) & B.COM (FP) Students.
Students had an amazing time interacting with RJ Anjali and RJ Karishma along with their team members.

Radiant Institute of Management and Science organized an exclusive Budding Session for students to the Indian FM radio brand – 94.3 MY FM where students got an opportunity to interact with the leading 94.3 MY FM technical team. Extending the horizons beyond theoretical studies, #Radian Students budding media professionals got a chance to know how Radio Signals are transmitted, how the #RJ do live FM radio programs, how the feeders are connected and different types of #Omni directional mikes are used. Students also learned how the signal was sent from control room to the #antenna and the type of antenna they used for the purpose of #transmission.

94.3 MY FM helps students to works for the development and upliftment of local community by informing, educating, enlightening and awakening the masses and they promoted students for living values and moral development in all spheres of life. 94.3 MY FM encouraged the students with special focus on areas like education, sustainable development, women and youth empowerment, health & hygiene, Swatch Abhiyan, Single Use Plastic. Radiant Institute of Management and Science provides value-based education and infotainment to students.

Students derived insights on multiple topics such as production of the show, console handling, monitoring on-air time, radio content and genres, air frequencies and transmission waves.  Productively, all the students also did voiceovers for advertisements and jingles in raw and converted forms thereby absorbing the practical exposure to radio and broadcasting media. 

It was a unique experience for Radiant students to visualize the practical implementation of amplitude modulation & #frequency modulation phenomenon.

“Students have grown more confident after 94.3 MY FM Visit and have a lot more positive attributes!”

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