Collectorate Visit

Collectorate Visit

Radiant Institute of Management and Science imparting education in different stream. As a part of our outdoor practical education we visit to Collectorate office along with BA students as to provide an insight about the broader aspects of Collectorate Office and its working.

Their visit to the Collectorate was to understand how different government departments function with regard to addressing the grievances of the people. The students said they met some of the petitioners whose grievances had not been solved even for 10 years and they tried to learn how grievance handling procedures are there in Collectorate office.

During visit there was brief about the modernization and expansion of roles, the District Collector was also entrusted the responsibility of tax collection for irrigation dues, income tax dues, agricultural dues, canal dues, sales tax, arrears, court fees, excise duties on various commodities, stamp duties, etc.

They also interacted with the government officials and learnt to write a petition and the procedures involved in submitting it at the Collectorate. Students acquired knowledge, culture and hands on experience that helps students to shape their future. They help students to shows a need for optimizing Collectors’ performance through three things:

  • Allocation of better-defined, and exclusive activities;
  • Calibration of the committee system at the district-level, and
  • Greater empowerment of officers subordinate to the Collector to assume some of their responsibilities.

Collectorate Visit helps students get to see the best practices opted by different Collectorate departments for their respective work and students got platform to enhance their skills.

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