Online Education By Radiant Faculty

Online Education By Radiant Faculty


Covid-19 struck us without a warning and left head of all educational institutions scrambling to respond to its exigencies. Radiant Institute of Management and Science offered a new platform for students to shape their academic careers through E-Class. A large number of Radiant Student learners transitioned successfully from off-line to online classes. The teachers are supplementing the online classes with detailed E-mail, WhatsApp communication, or other apps. Teachers ensure that the lecture schedule, reading list and reading content are transmitted to the online class. Online Classes are changing the face of traditional classrooms and making education more accessible than ever before.

Online learning is a very convenient mode for students as it develops self-discipline, time management skills, determination, and a strong motivation among students. The good thing about Online Classes is that you can watch the recordings any number of times later. Much as in a traditional classroom, an online learning environment provides a variety of ways to approach teachers and even your virtual classmates if you can not follow a definition. During Online Classes there are various ways in which students can interact with the teacher and each other such as:- Mock Test, PowerPoint Presentations, Quiz, Assignment, etc.

Radiant Education finally graduated to the next level of the New Learning Education System through Online Classes. Our elation and pride in the Radiant Online -Learning success story such as focused teaching, improved learning outcomes, higher retention rates and reduced teaching time in the on-line mode. Corona Pandemic in order to prepare the process of re-creating Radiant College Students.

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