How do you stimulate personal growth?

How do you stimulate personal growth?

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If you are happy with what you are currently doing and your future seems bright then personal growth may not be necessary since you are already growing in the right direction. If you are somewhat discontented with your present status in life then a little personal growth may be what is needed.

To personally grow that basically means researching NEW knowledge, acquiring NEW skills, and experiencing NEW things and not doing the standard things which you like and avoiding what you dislike. To grow you need to stretch yourself beyond your present good and bad habits by doing something NEW or different.

Grow in self awareness by not only reflecting on what you like or dislike but also by reflecting on your status or situation in the world around you. Being aware of your needs and wants and your personality weaknesses and strengths is important and you get there with much introspection and time spent alone to think. Real self awareness means that you realistically assess what you can and can’t do now and in the future and decide what you would like to do in the future which is highly possible or probable.

Motivation to grow ultimately comes from within but external motivators such as good friends can also begin you on a path to personal growth.

Try to go outside your comfort zone and meet new humans which can even be friends of friends. With new friends might come new opportunities to do something different and engage in new experiences and new opinions and beliefs.

New experiences offer the opportunity to learn new things and interact with new humans who are passionate about what they are doing.

Declutter your life of many old possessions which you are not using on a regular basis and you will sense some liberation from the past.

The most important principle of personal growth is to BE CURIOUS and to maintain that CURIOSITY until the day that you die! Starting to ask questions about the world around you is a good way to start!

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