Building Back Better – A Sustainable, Resilient Society After Pandemic

Building Back Better – A Sustainable, Resilient Society After Pandemic

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The term “building back better” has been used widely in the context of economic recovery after post covid- 19 crisis. The notion implies on making the preventive investments that improve the society with resilience and also reduces the cost of future disaster. The covid -19 crisis has impacted to all walks of life in both positive and negative way. The economy as well as the society has gone through disastrous situation. But to remain positive in this pandemic the ratan tata has rightly said in one of his quote that “ups and downs in life are very important to keep us going, because a straight line even in an ECG means we are not alive”. These ups and downs has created the opportunity in the field of healthcare and fitness industry, information technology sector, e-commerce industry and it has created the scope of producing domestic products that is (swadeshi). The negative impact of this crisis caused threats to many businesses but severely affected to travel and tourism industry, foreign import-export business. The most important aspect of building back again is to have a society that is healthy both physically, mentally and to have a safe and conducive environment to overcome further crisis. The future generations must focus on well being and inclusiveness in society. The redesigned society must put efforts to work on strengthening climate resilience , reducing biodiversity loss, innovation building on behavior changes, aligning with net zero Green house gases emissions, improving supply chain resilience and its circularity. These are some changes that will build the society to overcome the further crisis, if it occurs, but if these practices are performed properly in managed way and with effectively utilization of resources then we can bring positive, sustainable and resilient change in society.

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